Bram Stoker - Dracula's Guest and Other Dark Tales

Reviews & Comments


'Wow! Just perfect.' - Big Finish customer


'I thought Dracula's Guest was a bloody brilliant release and I enjoyed it a lot. Very scary tales, with great atmospheric reading and effects. So well done, keep up the great work. These are special releases of very high quality and you can be very proud of them.' - Big Finish customer


'Wow! This one is even better than the Dickens release... 1st rate. The sound design is spot on: I loved the wind, lightning effects, etc. in Dracula's Guest. I dug out my old cassette of it and listened to it, which at the time thought was good, (some non entity u.s. full cast version)... I listened to 10 minutes of the 30 minutes and it now resides in the dustbin. Yours is so much better! Excellent on every level' ' - Big Finish customer


'On this hottest of weeks, I have come down with a cold. Whether or not the modest delirium is affecting my perceptions or not I don't know (doubt it, really!) but when I was listening to Dracula's Guest, I was 'there!' I could fully sense the rising fear, the chill of the snow, and the impending doom made on this hazardous journey!

'Am I going over-the-top about this? Possibly. I do remember owning an audio cassette reading of Dracula's Guest some considerable time ago and thinking it was fairly uneventful, but average. Now, here, with Peter Guiness' voice (which is a true mixture of calming and sinister) and the excellent soundscape, the whole thing has been transformed into a true mastery of the macabre - maybe it always was, and merely needed bringing to (un)life? Anyway - top, top marks! Horror thrives on audio. If this were made visually, it might gain in spectacle, but lose in momentum and atmospherics. On audio, every breath, every thought is detailed, and this all adds up to understanding and sharing the experience. Just brilliant - I do hope Peter Guinness and Bram Stoker can be reunited!' - Big Finish customer