Edward Thomas - Selected Poems

Reviews & Comments


'Deeply moving readings of one of the briefest of War Poets' - iTunes customer


'The Edward Thomas collection is fantastic! Flawless, evocative readings and a brilliant production!' - Big Finish customer


'This is a marvelous production! The poems are beautifully read. The background sound is subtle, adding to the mood of each poem very well. Having never studied this particular poet, I was coming to the poems completely fresh, and I'm so glad my introduction to them was through audio, and in particular this audio: very human, very accessible, and very moving.' - Lulu customer


'A brilliant introduction to a poet I hadn't read before. There's one poem in particular - In Memoriam (Easter 1915) - which I just adore: it's very short and deceptively simple, but moving.' - Cellar.org reviewer


'Wonderful! Beautifully read. Love the music and sound effects; very moving.' - YouTube reviewer


'Sheer brilliance! This is a very impressive unabridged reading of an equally excellent selection of poems by Edward Thomas. Considering that I have not read anything by this poet before, not only has this release from Textbook Stuff successfully introduced me to his works, it has also added some of these poems to my list of absolute favourites - especially, "Rain", "This is no case of petty right or wrong", "In Memoriam [Easter 1915]", "As the team's head-brass", "Adlestrop", "Roads", and "October".' - Lulu customer