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Book Club titles for March

Welcome to Book Club. The first rule of Book Club is: you do talk about Book Club.

Following a successful trial, we've now launched our very own Book Club where you can chat about literary matters with fellow book lovers, review titles, join us in reading a wide variety of literature and even shop for titles in our dedicated Book Club bookshop.

Each month we select four titles - modern fiction, classic, children's and non-fiction - and you can read along and discuss each book with fellow Book Club members. You can also start your own threads on books you think other members might like to investigate. We're delighted to see that several published authors have decided to become involved in Book Club - Peter Labrow, Christopher Herz and others. How often do we get the opportunity to chat directly with writers about their work?

The four titles we'll be reading in March are:

Douglas Adams - 'The Salmon of Doubt' (modern fiction)

Marx & Engels - 'The Communist Manifesto' (classic)

Philip Reeve - 'Here Lies Arthur' (children's)

Jon Ronson - 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' (non-fiction)

Happy reading!

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