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Help bring Carmilla to life!

We need your help! We've set up a pledge drive over at WeFund.co.uk for an unabridged audiobook of Sheridan Le Fanu's definitive vampire story, Carmilla.

We're looking for investors to help make this audiobook a reality. You can pledge anything from £1 to £1,000 or more and, should we be successful, you'll receive a whole bunch of goodies by way of thanks.

This seductive tale of literature's first ever female vampire would be given the complete Textbook Stuff treatment of full sound design and music, creating an unabridged audiobook of around three and a half hours' duration - our most ambitious project to date. 

The way the pledge drive works is that people donate money toward the target amount. If the target is reached, the project goes ahead. If the target isn't reached, it costs you nothing. No money is taken from your account unless and until the target is reached. It's a brilliant way of funding the creative arts and, if it works, could well be the way forward for Textbook Stuff.

If you want to know more about the project, watch the video here:


And do tell your friends!

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